There are different types of window films you can use to tint your car. These include safety window film, security window film, etc. As everything has its pros and cons, tinted car windows also have them. I will write about those pros and cons here.

Car Window Tinting Pros

There are several pros of car window tinting. They are described below.

Lowering the Inside Temperature

This is one of the primary benefits car owners think about while installing car window tints. The amount of temperature savings will depend on how dark the tint is. Additionally, it may not be much effective in cooler seasons or in a place that does not get hot. However, in a place where it does get hot, a small amount of temperature saving will be enough.

Increased Privacy

Most people do not like to be seen by other drivers or pedestrians while they are in the car. Window tinting can shade the people inside a car. Therefore, you can do as you like sitting inside your car and nobody will see you.

Protection from UV Rays

You can also get protection from the UV rays coming from the sun with the help of tinted windows. The amount of UV protection will depend on the degree of the tint.

Protects the Interior

Besides your skin, the sun can also damage your car’s seats, carpets, interior designs, etc. window tinting can help you prevent this from happening. As a result, the interior of your car will have a longer lifespan.

Deterring Thieves

A person will have difficulty in seeing within your car if you install car tinting. If a thief cannot see within your vehicle, he/she will not be able to steal anything from there.

Car Window Tinting Cons

Following are the cons of tinting your car windows.

Unwanted Attention from Police

It is part of the duty of the police to see inside your vehicle so that they can be sure everyone inside is safe. In case they have any suspicion, they can pull you over to be sure.

Reduced Visibility

The driver and the occupants of the vehicle may not be able to see the outside clearly. When the tint is darker, the situation becomes worse. The situation may not be much problematic in bright sunlight, but in low-light or at night it can cause a good deal of problems. This may even lead to accidents.

Peeling or Bubbling

These situations can occur after a while you install the tint. You will face problems seeing outside and you will need to have it redone or removed.

Breaking the Law

Different states have different laws regarding tinted car windows. You should make sure that the laws of the state are followed. Otherwise, you might be charged for breaking the law.

You should consider the pros and cons before installing tint to your car windows.

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