John Edwards recently announced his intended run for the Presidency. I wonder how many people remember some important facts about Mr. Edwards… In case you’ve forgotten, I think I’ll refresh your memories.

Edwards claims to come from “humble beginnings” because his father worked in a mill. He doesn’t make a point of mentioning that his father OWNED a mill, though. (Sort of like Jimmy Carter’s son, Jack, claiming that he worked in a factory. It was a processing plant that his father OWNED.)

I forget how Mr. Edwards pail for his college and temecula personal injury law school education. Was it on scholarships because he was so brilliant? Or maybe grants because he was so poor?

His legal career included charging a fortune for frivolous lawsuits as well as a few front page cases that he was very well paid for. I’m sure he’s a frontrunner for torte reform.

Mr. Edwards politics are typically liberal in nature. He’s in favor of abortion (in spite of having lost a child, himself, he thinks it’s acceptable for other parents to kill their children.) Gay marriage is acceptable to him. The war for freedom against terrorists is not. I wonder if he realizes that the Muslim terrorists would kill gays (and everyone else) if they had a chance?

His selection of New Orleans as a stage for his announcement was disgraceful at best. Pandering at worst. There he was, looking fresh from a magazine cover, pretending to shovel dirt with some New Orleans residents. Since Katrina struck, I haven’t heard him mention the fact that Louisiana has been run by Democrats for many years. They accepted huge amounts of money to repair and shore up the levy system, but never did. I didn’t hear him say a word about Gov. Blanco and how she failed to act when it might have prevented the deaths of the New Orleans victims. He didn’t say anything about how Gov. Blanco held the Red Cross at bay when they brought supplies to the Super Dome because she didn’t want it to become a “magnet” for the thousands of displaced residents.

Did he have anything to say about New Orleans mayor, Ray Nagin? You remember him, the New Orleans mayor who forgot all about the evacuation plans (including school busses to get the hurricane victims to safety) and did nothing while his city was decimated by a natural disaster that he might have been able to anticipate if he’d given a damn. Then the brilliant New Orleans citizens (those that were left) re-elected him.

On second thought, maybe Edwards is the perfect liberal candidate. He announced his intentions in the one place that should embarrass the liberals the most. He has proven how much hypocrisy he can spout with a straight face. And his make-up is always perfect. Yep, he’s a sterling example of liberalism at it’s finest… ugh….

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