A front porch is a great asset to any home. It allows you to gain some living space while also enjoying the great outdoors. Front porches are great spaces to visit with friends, entertain, or even just to sit a while and watch the world go by. In this article, we will look at some low-cost ways to spruce up your screened in porch ideas. Begin by giving the front porch a good spring cleaning. Windex the windows, wipe down any seating, and polish any exposed metal work. Remove any clutter that really doesn’t belong on the porch. If it doesn’t contribute to making the porch an inviting place to sit, then remove it. This idea will cost you next to nothing, other than your time, and is a great way to start a porch remodel project.

One easy and low cost way to spruce up the front porch is simply to paint it. Often a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the appearance and feel of the porch. When painting, the porch consider even painting the steps and floor of the porch for a freshened up look.

Another great idea is to hit some local yard sales in the area and look for old chairs, which might make a great character building addition to your porch. You can also sometimes find some great little tables at yard sales which will provide a welcome resting spot for your drink when you are sitting on your new chairs on your porch on a hot summer day.

Consider replacing your old mail box with a newer one. Lowes and Home Depot have some great options for new mail boxes, and depending on the model that you pick you can really add some character and change the mood of your porch sitting area.

Replace your old house numbers on the porch with some fresh new ones. Generally brass numbers look outdated. Stick with some black on white numbers for maximum visibility, and for a more modern look.

Consider adding some hanging plants to your front porch. Ferns or germaniums can add softness or color to an otherwise sterile porch. You can go the traditional hanging pot route if you like, or for a more classic simplistic look you can just put the plants on the porch in some terra cotta pots. Again, use your creativity, and let your plant placement reflect your personality and the type of mood you are trying to create with your porch. If you don’t have much of a green thumb and are worried about keeping plants alive on your porch – fear not! You can use artificial plants on your porch. Many very realistic looking artificial plants are now available, and from the street the difference will not be noticeable. Just ensure that you keep the plants dusted to keep them looking their best.

Try to clean up the weeds, and some of the landscaping around your porch as well. Keep in mind that the landscaping is the canvas that the scene of your porch is painted against. Also, consider upgrading your landscape lighting, and or porch lights, so that you can continue to enjoy your porch in the evening as well as the day.

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