high pressure grinding mill

In recent years, under the strong pull of steel, cement, glass, nonferrous crusher metals and other low-temperature property of refractories production increased to 14.77 million tons from 2003’s 28.08 million tons this year, the annual compound growth rate of 9.6%; where energy saving is not shaped refractories production has reached more than 1/3 of the total. At the same time, refractory products exports also increased significantly, from 82.7 million tons in 2003 of 1,792,800 tons this year, the annual compound growth of 11.7%.

No matter what kind of preparation in the preparation, the stone grinding mill equipment plays a very important role, as only the refractory material after processing high-pressure grinding mill processed into a fine powder grinding fineness after differences can make a variety of materials Full through, for processing. Shanghai JOYAL existing three-ring micro powder mill equipment for continuous improvement and perfection, so that it can adapt to the growth of the times, to meet the needs of the market differences. Shanghai JOYAL currently has supply in the market Raymond, Raymond, ultra-fine powder machine, through centrifugal zirconite raymond mill, illite trapezium mill equipment and many other models. Which each type of device can be processed into products grinding powders of different fineness, 80 mesh -400 mesh, 500 mesh -2000 mesh, the finest mesh up to 2500, this complete processing of raw materials to meet the needs of refractories differences.

At present, the belt conveyor has become the major equipment for the continuous transport of bulk materials of the various industries. The belt conveyor is in a dominant position in the underground transport. The running state of the belt conveyor which is the main transport equipment for the coal preparation plant and inclined shaft coal can be divided into the fixed type and movable type according to the installation method directly affects the delivery of materials of the whole coal mine, which plays a very important role in the coal production. In particular, with the continuous development and progress of computer control technology and electric drive in recent years, belt conveyors have been moving towards the development of high-power, large-capacity and long-distance direction. The length of the standalone machine of domestic belt conveyor has reached as much as 10 km.

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